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Computational Modeling in Philosophy (22 - 23 June 2018)

Computational models are an increasingly important tool in philosophy. They find application in diverse domains such as philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, and social epistemology. Computers allow us to model the evolution of language, individual thought processes, scientific communities, and opinion dynamics in much more sophisticated ways than previously possible. The models employed range from toy models to empirically parameterized representations of dynamical systems. Modelers draw on techniques from a number of areas, from agent-based modeling to artificial neural networks. Computational models contribute to philosophy by allowing for more explicit and rigorous thought experiments and by acting as a methodological bridge to the empirical sciences, for example. This conference aims to foster an exchange among leading researchers in the field concerning the foundations and applications of computational modeling within philosophy and beyond.

The conference is hosted by the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich.

Keynote Speakers

Call for Papers

We invite the submission of a short abstract of 100 words and an extended abstract of roughly 750 – 1000 words (prepared as a PDF document) no later than 1 April 2018. Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • Belief and opinion dynamics
  • The emergence of norms
  • Philosophy of science of computational modeling
  • Emergence and complexity
  • Social Epistemology
  • Dynamics of social systems

To submit an abstract, visit the conference's EasyChair submission page.


The conference fee is 50€ and 30€ for students.
The fee does not include the conference dinner. If you want to participate on a Dutch-treat basis please mention it in your registration message.
The fee is payable with credit cards (VISA and AMEX) and in cash when you register at the conference.


To register please send a message to Please say whether you plan to attend the conference dinner or not, to make sure you are included in the reservation.


For additional questions, please contact the conference organisers: Christoph Merdes, Simon Scheller, Rush Stewart.


Leopoldstraße 13
80802 Munich
Room 2402

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