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Dr. Antony Eagle

Humboldt Research Fellow

Antony Eagle is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Adelaide. Prior to arriving in Adelaide, Antony was a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Oxford and Fellow of Exeter College (2004–13). He received his PhD from Princeton University in 2004. More information can be found in his cv.

Research Interests

Antony's research is mainly in ‘theoretical’ philosophy. His primary research focus is what we might call 'metaphysics of science', overlapping some parts of metaphysics and some parts of philosophy of physics. He has worked on many issues including chance and the foundations of probability; persistence; location; space, time and spacetime; causation; dispositions; and modality. He also has interests in early modern approaches to these topics (especially in the work of Descartes, Cavendish, and Hume). In epistemology, Antony is mostly interested in Bayesian epistemology and confirmation theory; the connection between formal and traditional epistemology; and the debate over scientific realism. In philosophy of language, he is most interested in the nature of propositions; the formal semantics of modals, conditionals, and generics and habituals; vagueness; and in understanding fictional discourse.

While at the MCMP Antony is supposed to be drafting a book on the nature of unsettledness and its connections with time, chance, and possibility.