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Liefke, Kristina

Dr. Kristina Liefke

Postdoctoral Fellow


Mailing Address:
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Fakultät für Philosophie, Wissenschaftstheorie
und Religionswissenschaft
Lehrstuhl für Wissenschaftstheorie
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
D-80539 München

Ludwigstr. 31
Raum 124
D-80539 München

Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 5456


Office hours:
By appointment.


Further Information

Kristina Liefke earned an M.A. in philosophy and English linguistics from Christiania Albertina University at Kiel (Germany) in 2009, and obtained a PhD in philosophy from Tilburg University (the Netherlands) in 2014. Since 2014, Kristina has been a postdoctoral fellow at the MCMP at LMU Munich. Since 2015, she is PI of the MCMP-based project “Unity and Unification in Intensional Semantics”, which is funded by the German Research Foundation, DFG.

Research Interests

Kristina's research lies in the intersection of formal natural language semantics, logic, and the philosophy of language. Her dissertation (Tilburg University, 2014) investigates a topic in the foundations of formal semantics for natural language. Her current work focuses on type-logical semantics, (hyper-)intensionality, attitude reports, two-dimensional semantics, and information-dependence. She has recently developed an interest in the 'effectiveness' of natural language interpretations and in situated reasoning.

Further Activities

Recent Grants

In 2014, Kristina was awarded a two-year DFG grant for her project “Unity and Unification in Intensional Semantics”. The project involves collaborations with Stanford University and with Ochanomizu University (Tokyo).

Awards and Fellowships

  • Fall 2014: Postdoctoral grant from the Bayerische Gleichstellungsförderung, BGF.
  • Since January 2013: Mentee of the LMU Mentoring program (the program supports highly qualified young female researchers in their academic career on the road to professorship. The program is part of LMU’s Excellence Initiative LMU Excellent).
  • 2009–2014: Merit award for doctoral studies at the University of Southern California Department of Philosophy (declined).
  • 2009–2012: International grant for doctoral studies at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, Utrecht, The Netherlands (declined).
  • 2009–2010: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) grant for doctoral studies at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (declined).
  • Oct.—Dec. 2007: DAAD grant for MA thesis-related research at the UMass, Amherst and the Harvard Linguistics Departments.
  • 2005–2006: Graduate fellowship (for UCLA) from the University of California at Berkeley.
  • 2005–2006: DAAD grant for studies at the UCLA Department of Philosophy.

Organization of Conferences and Workshops

  • Symposium at ECAP 9: Possible Worlds: problems and prospects (August 2017), MCMP, Munich.
  • Workshop on Logic and Algorithms in Computational Linguistics 2017 (August 2017), Stockholm University (with Roussanka Loukanova (chair), Krasimir Angelov, Valeria de Paiva, Michael Moortgat, and Reinhard Muskens).
  • Workshop with Edward N. Zalta and Markus Werning (May 2017), MCMP, LMU.
  • Situations, Information, and Semantic Content (December 2016), MCMP, LMU (main organizer; with Mark Bowker and Markus Kneer).
  • 2nd Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students (July 26—Aug. 1, 2015), MCMP, Munich (with Catherine Herfeld and Milena Ivanova).
  • 1st Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students (August 2014), MCMP, Munich (with Stephan Hartmann, Catherine Herfeld, and Hannes Leitgeb).
  • Conference on Computing Natural Reasoning (CoCoNat; December 2011), TiLPS, Tilburg University (with Dominik Klein, Reinhard Muskens, Eric Pacuit, and Sara Uckelman).
  • The 3rd Sydney-Tilburg Conference: The Future of Philosophy of Science (April 2010), TiLPS, Tilburg University (with Stephan Hartmann, Chiara Lisciandra, and Jan Sprenger).


  • Rich situated attitudes, with Mark Bowker (revised and extended version of 4.) New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI 10247): 45--61. [preprint]
  • Rich situated propositions: the 'right' objects for the content of propositional attitudes, with Mark Bowker 2016. Proceedings of LENLS 13: 173--186. [preprint]
  • A computable solution to Partee's temperature puzzle, with Sam Sanders 2016. Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics 2016 (LNCS 10054): 175--190. [preprint]
  • A single-type logic for natural language 2015. Journal of Logic and Computation 25 (4): 1111--1131. [preprint]
  • Codability and robustness in formal natural language semantics 2015. New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI 9067): 6--22. [preprint]
  • A Single-Type Semantics for Natural Language 2014. My Tilburg University dissertation.
  • Solving Partee's temperature puzzle in an EFL-ontology 2014. Joint Proceedings of NLCS'14 & NLSR 2014: 7--18.
  • A single-type semantics for the PTQ*-fragment 2014. Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 18: 253--270.
  • A single-type ontology for natural language 2013. Proceedings of GAP.8: 70--84.