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Peterson, Clayton

Dr. Clayton Peterson

Postdoctoral Fellow


Further Information

Clayton Peterson completed a Bachelor (2010), a Master’s (2011) and a Ph.D. (2014) degree in philosophy, each at the Université de Montréal in Canada, where he also worked as a lecturer and as a coordinator for courses in argumentation and critical thinking. His research interests include logic, category theory, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of sciences and epistemology. He is currently working on the epistemic significance of statistics and probabilities as they are used within quantitative psychology and also on a series of books defending categorical foundations for logic.

Awards and Grants

  • Postdoctoral fellowship, S.S.H.R.C (2014)
  • Joseph-Armand-Bombardier – Doctoral Research Scholarship, S.S.H.R.C (2012)
  • Scholarship for graduate studies – Doctoral Research Scholarship, F.Q.R.S.C. (2011)
  • Award for the best essay produced by a student at the congress of the Society for Philosophy of Quebec (SPQ), Sherbrooke, Canada, May 9-12, 2011.
  • Joseph-Armand-Bombardier – Master’s Research Scholarship, S.S.H.R.C (2010)

Selected and Forthcoming Publications

  • Peterson, C. (accepted). From linguistics to deontic logic via category, Logique et Analyse.
  • Peterson, C. and Marquis, J.-P. (accepted). Formal philosophy and legal reasoning: The validity of legal inferences, Logique et Analyse.
  • Peterson, C. (2015). Contrary-to-duty reasoning: A categorical approach, Logica Universalis 9(1): 47-92.
  • Peterson, C. (2014) The categorical imperative: Category theory as a foundation for deontic logic, Journal of Applied Logic, 12(4): 417-461.
  • Peterson, C. (2013) Pensée rationnelle et argumentation, Presses de l'Université de Montréal.
  • Peterson, C. (2013) Normative inferences and validity: A heuristic, Cogency, 5(1): 85-105.
  • Peterson, C. and Lepage, F. (2012) Cleland on Church's thesis and the limits of computation, Philosophia Scientiae, 16(3): 69-85.