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Wheeler, Gregory

Dr. Gregory Wheeler

Assistant Professor


Mailing Address:
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Fakultät für Philosophie, Wissenschaftstheorie
und Religionswissenschaft
Lehrstuhl für Wissenschaftstheorie
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
80539 München

Ludwigstr. 31
Room 125
80539 München



Further Information

Gregory Wheeler completed a joint PhD in philosophy and computer science in 2002 from the University of Rochester. Since then he has been a research scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, a senior research scientist, lecturer of computational logic, and member of the board of directors at the Center for Artificial Intelligence at the New University of Lisbon, and visiting associate professor of philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University. He has also been a visiting professor of computational logic, at Technical University of Dresden, and remains a visiting research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.

Research Interests.

Gregory Wheeler's research interests are in Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Probability Theory, Logic, and Bounded Rationality. His recent work concentrates on the foundations of imprecise probability, probabilistic and causal models of epistemic coherence, modal logics of information and of epistemic dynamics, and mathematical models of heuristics.

Further Activities

Gregory Wheeler has been the editor-in-chief of Minds and Machines since 2011 and an area editor for Philpapers from 2009-2010. He was a founding member of the editorial board of the Reasoner from 2007-2012, and currently serves on the editorial boards of Synthese and The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective book series, since 2008. He has (co-)edited special issues of Synthese and The Journal of Applied Logic. He co-organized the European Science Foundation Workshop on the Philosophy of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in the Azores Islands in 2011, the Lisbon workshop on Computational Models of Scientific Reasoning and Applications in 2004, and has been a member of several program committees of computer science and philosophy conferences including installments of the Autonomous Agents and Multiagent systems (AAMAS 2009), Computational Logic and Applications (COLA 2009), International Society of Imprecise Probabilities: Theory and Applications (Columbia University Workshop, 2010), and the Third Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA 2011). He is also a co-chair of the steering committee for the Workshops on Probability and Logic (PROGIC 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013).

Gregory Wheeler's projects include "The Notion of Mathematical Proof" (PI, 2013-2015) from the Portuguese Science Foundation; "The Puzzle of Heuristic Rationality" (DAAD exchange, 2012); The EUROCORES project "Dialogical Foundations of Semantics" (Associate, 2009 - 2012), European Science Foundation; "The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective" (Steering Committee, 2008-2013), European Science Foundation; CIENCA 2007 Individual Career Award (2008-2012), Portuguese Science Foundation; "Representing Evidential Reasoning (Research Award, 2007); "PROGICNET: Probabilistic Logics and Probabilistic Networks" (Co-PI, 2006-2008), The Leverhulme Trust, UK; "Choosing Among Approaches to Probability" (Research Assistant, 1999-2001), National Science Foundation, USA.

Gregory Wheeler's work has been featured in New Scientist Magazine, in 2012, and he appeared at the 2013 World Science Festival in New York with Douglas Fields, Kristen Harris, and Murray Shanahan in "Architects of the Mind: A Blueprint for the Human Brain," a program filmed at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College and moderated by Bill Weir of ABC News. A short interview called "Making Good Decisions" from the 2013 World Science Festival can be found on YouTube.

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