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Bayesian Epistemology: Perspectives and Challenges (10-14 August 2020)

The conference on 12-14 August 2020 is preceded by a Summer School on 10-11 August 2020.

Idea & Motivation

Bayesian epistemology remains the dominant account of rational beliefs, it underpins the dominant account of decision making in science and beyond, as well as many of our statistical methods.
While important applications continue to to emerge, the work on the foundations of Bayesian epistemology never stops and a number of challenges are emerging.
The aim of this conference is bring together scholars exploring applications, challenges and foundations of Bayesian epistemology.

Topics of interest (in alphabetic order) are not limited to:

  • Accuracy
  • Bayesianism and Artificial Intelligence
  • Bayesian Networks
  • Bounded Rationality
  • Causation
  • Confirmation
  • Disagreement
  • Evidence
  • Evidence Aggregation
  • Expansion
  • Foundational Aspects of Bayesian Statistics
  • Higher Order Evidence
  • Imprecise Bayesian Approaches
  • Induction
  • Inference
  • Interpretations of Probabilities
  • Judgement Aggregation
  • Maximum Entropy (Applications, Inference and Methods)
  • Multi Agent Epistemology
  • Objective Bayesian Epistemology
  • Principles of Bayesianism (Conditionalisation, Probabilism, Total Evidence)
  • Replication
  • Updating Procedures (Jeffrey, KL, L&P).

Call for Abstracts

Please, prepare an abstract (up to 1 page) for double-blind peer-review and submit via easychair until 11. Jan 2020.
Final decisions of acceptance will be made with considerations of diversity in mind. Some preference may be given to less senior scholars.
Some contributions may be accepted as poster presentations, this will depend on quality and quantity of submissions received.Please, indicate whether you are interested in presenting your submission also as a poster.
Please, also indicate whether you would like to contribute a manuscript (rather than a talk) to a special issue dedicated to the issues of the conference.

Speakers for the Conference

Speakers for the Summer School


Jürgen Landes (MCMP, LMU Munich)


Registration is for the summer school as well as the conference. It is not possible to book a single event. Participants who want to attend only one event still have to pay the fee as follows:

Reduced fee (for graduate students): 50 EUR
Regular fee: 80 EUR
Members of the MCMP and LMU: participation free of charge

The conference dinner is not included.

 Please register via XING Events:

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