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Zoom Talk: Sena Bozdag (MCMP)

Meeting ID: 980 1222 9580

18.11.2021 at 16:15 

Please contact for the password.


Reasoning with Fragmented Information States


 I will start with introducing a new semantics for belief formation and belief change. The formalisation depends on HYPE models enriched with a preference ordering and a belief modality. As a result, we obtain a theory which supports hyperintensional belief dynamics and allows belief states that are not deductively closed. In this talk, I will focus on the latter. Rejection of deductive closure as a rationality principle can be traced back to Lewis and Stalnaker, to the fragmented belief approach. Placing the focus of formalisation on possibly inconsistent and incomplete information states is a natural way to obtain fragmented belief states. While the models I introduce in the beginning contain fragmentation in the information level, I will explore ways of extending this to the belief level."