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Zoom Talk: Juliana Bueno-Soler (Campinas)

Meeting ID: 925-6562-2309

30.04.2020 16:00  – 18:00 

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Plain fibring combination of polynomic logics


The combination of logics is a powerful technique which permits systematic generation of new logic systems. Combinations can be homogeneous or heterogeneous depending whether the systems combined are or not presented by the same proof methods. In this talk I consider the homogeneous technique of Plain Fibring which is dedicated to combining logics defined by matrix semantics. The polynomial ring calculus is a technique which permits to describe a logical system by a set of finite polynomials defined over an appropriate field. This method can be applied to different classes of logics as many-valued logics, modal logics, paraconsistent logics and first order logic. A natural question is whether it is possible to obtain systematically a polynomial ring calculus for the combined systems. In order to answer this question we define the method of plain fibring of polynomic logics (polynomial representations of matrix logics), as a companion to the method of combining matrix logics, proposed by M. E. Coniglio and V. Fernandez and fully developed in the book "Analysis and Synthesis of Logics", Canielli et allia, Springer, 2007. (This is a joint work with Mariana Matulovic.)