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Zoom Talk: Walter Carnielli (Campinas)

Meeting ID: 925-6562-2309

23.04.2020 16:00  – 18:00 

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The Brazilian Paraconsistency Program and its unfoldings


This talk is intended to address two basic questions:
1) What is the nature of contradictions that are accepted in paraconsistent logics?
2) Can paraconsistent logics be really useful? As well as clarifying the way of the Brazilian Paraconsistency Program
(BPP) as founded in the Logics of Formal Inconsistency (LFIs) and in the Logics of Formal Undeterminateness (LFUs). The main academic developments under investigation at BPP are in the areas of:

  • Philosophy: Contradictions do not need to be ‘real’, they can be understood at the level of information and evidence (A. Rodrigues. H.Antunes. B. Mendonça);
  • Information and reasoning: Paraconsistent logics can be added to our arsenal of rationality, especially when combined with quantitative methods: probability, credal calculi and evidence expanded (A.Rodrigues, J. Bueno-Soler);
  • Foundations of mathematics: new and natural set theories, models for such theories (M.E. Coniglio);
  • New semantics for non-standard logics: possible-translations semantics, society semantics, Fidel structures, twist structures (M.E. Coniglio , A. Figallo-Orellano. M. C. Golzio);
  • New perspectives on Gödel’s Incompleteness: proofs of incompleteness cannot be obtained in the paraconsistent paradigm (experimenting withautomatic proof theory, Isabelle) (D. Fuenmayor).

This explains why BPP has also gained influence on contemporary computer science, since databases, especially Big Data and the World Wide Web, automatization of complex arguments, etc, are almost inevitably contradictory.