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Zoom Talk (Work in Progress): Joe Dewhurst (MCMP)

Meeting-ID: 989 7974 3900

28.05.2020 12:00  – 14:00 

Please contact for the password.


There Is No Such Thing As Miscomputation


This paper will argue that there is no such thing as miscomputation, contrary to the received view in philosophy of computation and (possibly) computer science. There are just hardware problems on the one hand and programming errors on the other, neither of which qualify as a distinct kind of computational malfunction. One upshot of this argu-
ment is that philosophical accounts of physical computation should not be assessed on whether they can accommodate miscomputation in the abstract, but rather on whether they can make sense of the range of different phenomenona that are commonly (and misleadingly) described as miscomputations, but which really constitute several quite distinct kinds of computational error.