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Talk: Roman Frigg (LSE)

Location: LMU, Geschwister-Scholl-Plaz 1, 80539 München - Room F007

28.06.2023 18:15  – 19:45 

Evening Lecture of the Stegmüller 100 Symposium

Title: Structuralism, Family Ties and Red Wine: Wolfgang Stegmüller @ 100

Abstract: We begin with a brief historical sketch of how structuralism came to Munich and of the role Stegmüller played in its development. We then provide an intuitive introduction to the main ideas of the structuralist programme. This provides us with starting point to compare Munich structuralism with other forms of structuralism, most notably epistemic structural realism, ontic structural realism, and the semantic view of the theories. We then zoom in on the problem of the theory-ladenness of observation and show that Munich structuralism has an interesting and yet underappreciated perspective on this problem.


More information about the conference are available on the conference website: "Symposium zum 100. Geburtstag von Wolfgang Stegmüller"