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Talk: Hitoshi Omori (Bochum)

Location: Ludwigstr. 31, ground floor, Room 021.

16.01.2020 16:00  – 14:00 


Observations on Jaskowski’s discussive logic


Stanislaw Jaskowski is known to be one of the modern founders of paraconsistent logic, together with Newton C. A. da Costa. In addition to the distinction of theories being contradictory and trivial, Jaskowski also presented a system of paraconsistent logic known as D2 which is often referred to as discursive logic or discussive logic. The aim of the talk is to offer three observations related to D2. More specifically, I will discuss (i) slightly different translations to define discussive logic, (ii) a result on the disjunction-free fragment of discussive logic and its implications, and (iii) possibilities of non-classical discussive logics.