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Zoom Talk: Elio La Rosa (MCMP)

Meeting ID: 980 1222 9580

27.01.2022 16:15  – 17:45 

Please contact for the password.


Indeterminate Connectives


In this talk, I will introduce an extension of the vocabulary of some classical and non-classical logics to what I call indeterminate connectives. In contrast with regular connective ‘constants’, they will be treated as connective variables, as their meaning is not fixed. The idea traces back to LeĊ›niewski’s Protothetic logic, but differently from there, the meaning of an n-ary indeterminate connective is meant to range only over the meaning of some primitive n-ary connective constants in the language. This, together with the use of indexes, will allow for the expression of dependencies on the instantiation of connective variables. In the case of classical logic, I will focus on indeterminate connectives ranging over De Morgan duals, showing that in this characterisation the epsilon operator of Hilbert’s epsilon calculus results in an indeterminate quantifier connective.