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Workshop: Inclusivity in the Philosophy Classroom

11.06.2019 10:00  – 17:00 

Idea & Motivation

The purpose of this workshop is to serve as a platform for discussing the issues that members of minority groups in philosophy face in the classroom setting. Some recent studies (e.g. Thompson, Adleberg, Sims, Nahmias, 2016) suggest that women and members of other minority groups in philosophy feel less comfortable in classrooms, find it hard to communicate freely in a group situation and feel less confident in their ability to talk about philosophy. The aim of the workshop is to discuss various hypotheses that can explain such results as well as to devise specific proposals for increasing inclusiveness in philosophy classrooms, improving classroom dynamics and making classrooms more hospitable for members of minority groups in philosophy. We hope that discussing the issues related with the classroom dynamics will help us understand better mechanisms responsible for discouraging minorities from pursuing careers in philosophy and that it will help us prevent their further dissipation.

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