Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP)

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We regularly offer the following courses.

 Course TitleLast InstructorSyllabusWebpage
Advanced Topics in the Philosophy of Physics Thébault
Categorical Logic Kotzsch    
Causality and Explanation Glynn    
Central Topics in Logic  Leitgeb   Summer 2014
Central Topics in Philosophy of Science I Hartmann Winter 2012  
Central Topics in Philosophy of Science II: Bayesian Approaches Hartmann Winter 2013  
Classical Concepts in Physics from Kant to the Present Cuffaro Summer 2014 Summer 2014
Contemporary Philosophy of Logic Hjortland    
Einstein for Everyone Curiel Summer 2014 Summer 2014
Epistemology Steinberger    
Explanation Beyond Causation Reutlinger Summer 2014
Formal Epistemology: An Introduction to Belief Revision, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, and Conditionals Andreas Summer 2014  
Formal Methods for Philosophers Mayo-Wilson Winter 2013 Winter 2013
Introduction to Modal Logic Sznajder Summer 2014
Kausalität & Wahrscheinlichkeit Lauth Summer 2014
Lewis' "On the Plularity of Worlds" Steinberger    
Logic II Hjortland Sommer 2014 Sommer 2014
Metaphysics of Science Reutlinger Winter 2013  
Modal Logic Roy    
Models and Simulations in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science Mayo-Wilson Summer 2014 Summer 2014
Models and Simulations in Philosophy of Language and Value Theory Mayo-Wilson Winter 2013 Winter 2013
Non-Monotonic Logic Roy    
Paradox Hjortland    
Philosophical Logic Hjortland    
Philosophical Methodologies Lutz Winter 2013  
Philosophy and Climate Change Frisch
Winter 2013  
Philosophy of Biology Paternotte Summer 2013  
Philosophy of Cognitive Science Wheeler Summer 2014
Philosophy of Economics Casini Winter 2013  
Philosophy of Physics: An Introduction Thebault Winter 2013  
Philosophy of Physics: Advanced Thebault Summer 2013  
Philosophy of Language Hjortland    
Philosophy of Probability Mayo-Wilson Summer 2013 Summer 2013
Philosophy of Statistics Mayo-Wilson Summer 2014 Summer 2014
Philosophy of Quantum Computation Cuffaro Winter 2013 Winter 2013
Philosophy of the Social Sciences Herfeld Winter 2013
Summer 2013
Preparatory Course for Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students Beutlhauser Winter 2014
Proof Theory Hjortland Summer 2014 Summer 2014
Proofs and Decisions in Modal Logic Sznajder
  Winter 2013
Rationality Bradley Winter 2013  
Reduction and Emergence in Science Thebault Summer 2013  
Singularities, Black Holes, Thermodynamics in Relativistic Spacetimes Curiel Summer 2014 Summer 2014
Social Epistemology Paternotte Winter 2013  
Structuralism in the Philosophy of Mathematics Schiemer
The Theory of the Infinite: Set Theory and its Philosophy Campbell-Moore
  Summer 2013
Understanding Scientific Theory Change Thebault Winter 2013  
Wahrheitstheorien Fischer Summer 2014
What is the Role of Logic in Thought and Reasoning? Steinberger    
Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft Reutlinger Summer 2014

Additionally, our visiting professors regularly offer "block courses", which are short but intensive courses lasting a few weeks.

Students are highly encouraged to take other philosophy courses and to attend classes in other departments that are appropriate for their chosen specialization. A full list of courses is available here: LMU’s LSF System (Lehre-Studium-Forschung). If you want to audit courses without taking them for credit, you don't need to register officially, but you have to agree with the lecturer beforehand.