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LMU Munich explores new forms of collaborative learning – by making use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The MCMP takes part in creating the first LMU online courses offered on Coursera, a leading platform for online education. Designed and taught by members of the MCMP, the courses may be accessed by anyone anywhere, at no charge and without having to meet any special entrance requirements. The MOOCs will consist of video lectures, machine-graded quizzes, collaborative online learning forums, reading lists and seminar assignments. With this combination of inputs, we hope to convey a thourough understanding of the course's subject and a good overview of the topics in mathematical philosophy.

Upcoming MCMP Online Courses

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy (Hannes Leitgeb and Stephan Hartmann)

LogoMathPhil11Since antiquity, philosophers have questioned the foundations – the foundations of the physical world, of our everyday experience, of our scientific knowledge, and of culture and society. In recent years, more and more young philosophers have become convinced that, in order to understand these foundations, and thus to make progress in philosophy, the use of mathematical methods is of crucial importance. This is what our course will be concerned with: mathematical philosophy, that is, philosophy done with the help of mathematical methods.

As we will try to show, one can analyze philosophical concepts much more clearly in mathematical terms, one can derive philosophical conclusions from philosophical assumptions by mathematical proof, and one can build mathematical models in which we can study philosophical problems. So, as Leibniz would have said: even in philosophy, calculemus. Let's calculate.

» This course is offered every Spring.

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