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Nothing on the following pages should be new to you since you probably already talked with us about your time at the MCMP. Nevertheless, here is a short overview of the regular things we tell new MCMPeers. Do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

1. Administrative matters after your arrival in Munich

Very important: Within two weeks of your arrival in Munich you need to visit the Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR) (Department of Public Order) (Ruppertstraße 19, 80337München) for two administrative matters.

1.1 Registration as a resident:

  • For general information, please visit the official website of the department of public order.
  • For the registration you need:
    • Application form
    • Official document of identification (national Passport, ID)
    • “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung” from your property owner – this is an actual form!
    • Letter of Conformation of your stay with the MCMP or your stipend contract

1.2 Application for a residence permit:

  • For general information, please visit the official website of the department of public order.
  • After the registration, you need to apply for a residence permit, again at the department of public order.
  • For the application for issue of residence permit you need:
    • Application form
    • Health insurance certificate
    • Biometrical passport photo
    • Official document of identification (national passport, ID)
    • Letter of confirmation of your stay with the MCMP or your stipend contract

2. Getting health insurance

The german system has several options, depending on your personal status and/or type of employment. This website gives an overview:

If your health insurance offers international services you might want to keep the one you already have, especially when you are only visiting for a short time. In Germany insurances with the “European Health Insurance Card” are valid.

Otherwise you have the choice among many insurance companies and they are basically offering all the same service. To help you choose one, have a look at this special issue of "FOCUS Money" (PDF, 855kb).

3. Getting connected at the MCMP

Get your LMU user ID: for some services (Adobe Connect, LMU Teams, Fiona Web CMS, etc.) a campus account is required. It also provides a webmail service and eduroam use. If you are a regular employee and did not receive initial log-in data with your LMU welcoming package, contact the IT-Servicedesk. All other associates need to contact their chair’s office (Frau Csauscher-Wuck: or Frau Danninger: In the normal way of things, visitors do not need a campus account.

We also suggest to put your name on the mailing list: the MCMP uses a google group as mailing list, called MCMP local, to announce topics of interest. Feel free to sign up! In addition, Silvia Jonas ( is organising the MCMP mailing list "Let's be social". Please contact her and she will fill you in on what is on.

In addition, the service portal is the information hub for all LMU employees and it also has an english section about onboarding and everyhing you need to know about LMU, as well as your LMU user ID, your LMUcard and the welcome services. You will need your user ID to log in:

4. Getting enrolled for your doctoral studies

International students: We advise you to start the process of getting enrolled for doctoral studies at least six months in advance:

National students:

  • Basically you will find all the information on the guidline from the “Zentrale Studienberatung” (ZSB) at LMU.
  • More general information can be found on the general website of the ZSB as well.
  • You will soon see that the only difference from international students is the involvement of the International Affairs Office (RIA) for international students; national students only need to enroll with the “Studentenkanzlei” of LMU.

5. Traveling and Reimbursement

All LMU employees need to get a travel permission before traveling. This is not needed for stipend holders. If you are traveling inside Germany the following restrictions apply for accommodation costs: Cities < 300.000 inhabitants: 90€ per night; Cities >300.000 inhabitants: 120€ per night. If in doubt, use to check.

If you are traveling abroad, ask us for the latest cost catalogue from the Bavarian state. It provides maximum rates for cities and countries. If your destination is not listed, the rate for Luxemburg does apply.

One possible source for third party funding is the DAAD - the scheme is calles "Kongressreisen" and you can apply for it with four months' notice, so we have found it most useful for stuff like PSA. Neil Dewar has successfully applied in the past and he says that the main difficult part is filling out form K1, so here is  a translation/guide to the form: K1 Guide (PDF 41,44 kb) Good luck!

6. General Information

Showing off your affiliation: To use logos, graphics and templates of LMU, please visit the Corporate Design Website. Be aware of the guidelines for the corporate design as mentioned in the manual.

If you are visiting with your spouse, take advantage of the dual career service of LMU.

Holidays: There are several mandatory holidays, such as Epiphany and All Saints. These days are work-free and shops are closed. For further information, visit the holiday calendar:

  • Watch out for differences between Bavaria and other provinces (Bundesländer)! In the holiday calendar “BY” stands for Bavaria.
  • There is also a list of additional holidays like Valentine’s day, if you are interested in those as well.