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CfP: Knowledge Transfer and Its Context (Special Issue with Studies in History and Philosophy of Science)


The primary purpose of this special issue of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science: Part A is to bring together a set of papers that address questions around the nature of knowledge transfer, and its implications for scientific tools and epistemic practices. Knowledge thereby becomes broadly understood as referring to scientific theories, methods, concepts, techniques, facts, etc.

Processes of knowledge transfer, for example the transfer of physical theories and concepts into economics, occur in various ‘contexts’. They can involve particular scientists, can occur across or within disciplines, can be undertaken with regard to distinct problems, advance through different uses of scientific theories, models or other techniques. Depending on the kind of context, different knowledge is transferred, the transfer is undertaken for different reasons, and transfers have a different effect on the development of knowledge and its evaluation.

By studying the various ways in which knowledge travels in science, the major goal of the special issue is to identify common patterns underlying knowledge transfer in distinct disciplines that provide insights into how such processes generally occur. Papers can also engage in discussions around different ways in which such transfers of knowledge can be studied. The special issue thereby aims at improving our understanding of knowledge transfer in history and philosophy of science, to specify the conditions under which it can be successful in multiple contexts, and assess the ways in which it contributes to progress in science.

Contributions should be original and not submitted elsewhere. Papers will be submitted to blind peer-reviewing.

Extended Deadline: October 30, 2016

Language: English

Word Limits: Up to 10.000 words, spaces and references included.

Formatting: Manuscript preparation instructions can be found at here.

Submission Procedure: Submissions for this special issue should be made through the Elsevier Editorial Manager.

Guest Editors: Catherine Herfeld (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy) and Chiara Lisciandra (University of Groningen).

For any queries please contact the Guest Editors Catherine Herfeld ( or Chiara Lisciandra (