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Reasoning and Argumentation in Science


Idea & Motivation

Progress in science is not only a matter of new models and theories, but also of new ways of reasoning and arguing for specific conclusions. In this conference, we focus on these epistemological features of science and consider the following questions: Which new reasoning and argumentation schemes do contemporary scientists use? How are these schemes justified, and how can they be assessed? Is it possible to come up with a unified normative theory of reasoning and argumentation in science? The conference focuses on reasoning and argumentation in the sciences in general, but there will also be a special focus on reasoning in specific natural and social sciences.

  1. Topics of the conference will include, but are not limited to: The general classification and analysis of patterns of reasoning and argumentation used in contemporary science.
  2. The philosophical and formal investigation of specific instances of the application of non-standard forms of reasoning and argumentation in the natural and social sciences.
  3. The application of logical and probabilistic methods to the study of scientific reasoning and argumentation.

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