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ECAP9: 9th Congress of the European Society for Analytic Philosophy


The European Society for Analytic Philosophy (ESAP) organizes a major congress every three years. The next congress, ECAP9, will take place at LMU Munich, Germany, from 21-28 August 2017. A call for contributed papers and symposia proposals will be announced in summer 2016.

Plenary Speakers:

Anthony Appiah (NYU), Michael Friedman (Stanford), Pierre Jacob (Paris) and Rae Langton (Cambridge)

Panel Speakers:

Peter Adamson (LMU), Franz Berto (Amsterdam), Paul Egre (Paris), Christian List (LSE), Anna Sofia Maurin (Gothenburg), Serena Olsaretti (Pompeu Fabra), Sonia Roca Royes (Stirling), Helen Steward (Leeds), Elliott Sober (Madison) and Philippe van Parijs (Leuvain-la-Neuf)

Further Information: