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Explanatory Reasoning in the Sciences (The Second Jerusalem-MCMP Workshop in the Philosophy of Science)


Idea and Motivation

“How does explanatory reasoning in science work?” and “what is a scientific explanation?” are central questions in the philosophy of science. This workshop explores aspects of these central questions with respect to explanatory reasoning in physics and cognitive science. In particular, the contributions to this workshop address the following questions among others: Are there non-mechanistic explanatory strategies? Are there any computational explanations? Is there non-causal explanatory reasoning? What role do ‘abstraction’ and ‘scale-invariance’ play in scientific explanations? Is there a place for (different kinds of) IBE or best-explanation arguments in the metaphysics of physics? Is it possible to develop an epistemic theory of causation underpinning causal explanatory reasoning? What role does the phenomena/data distinction play in explanatory reasoning?

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