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Conference: Formal Methods in Philosophy: Truth, Paradox, and Mathematics (4-6 June 2018)


Formal theories are of central importance to several areas in philosophy, including of course logic and philosophy of mathematics, but also epistemology, the philosophy of language, metaphysics, and ethics. Although the systems studied are often technically sophisticated and of mathematical interest, it is not always so clear what philosophical goals are achieved by their consideration. This conference will focus on precisely the relationship between such formal methods and the philosophical objectives to which they are put.

In particular, we will be focusing primarily on the theory of truth, and in particular the ways in which formal theorizing has contributed to our understanding of the possible resolutions of semantic paradoxes such as the Liar. However, the event will not be limited to logic; it will additionally bring in specialists from several other fields of mathematical philosophy, such as the philosophy of mathematics, language, epistemology, and metaphysics.

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