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Conference: Foundations in Mathematics - Modern Views (4-7 April 2018)


This conference focuses on the foundations of mathematics, specifically modern views on these foundations. This means that instead of discussing technical details of particular theories, we want to consider the interplay of different foundational systems.

This interdisciplinary approach is relevant mainly for the fields of mathematics, in particular mathematical logic, and philosophy of mathematics. The conference will consider views of researchers from both fields in order to gain a better understanding of the connections between different foundational systems. This can shed new light on the controversial question whether mathematics may have (or actually needs) a uniform foundation. From these varied perspectives manifold possible questions arise:

  • What is the stance of today’s top researchers concerning the foundations of mathematics?
  • How do today’s foundational systems relate? Are they mutually exclusive? Can they coexist in a ‘consistent’ way?
  • Which attitude should we adopt towards different foundational systems in mathematics?
  • What is the role of logic (or logics) in today’s debate?
  • Do foundational systems (and formalizations) influence our conception of mathematics?
  • How can a possible future mathematics look like? Meaning: given the current debate, will foundational issues be completely irrelevant? Will they be resolved?

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