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PhD-scholarships in Neurophilosophy


The Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences (GSN) at LMU Munich invites applications for several PhD scholarships in Neurophilosophy. The GSN is the teaching entity for the Munich Center of Neurosciences - Brain & Mind (MCN). Through creating an interdisciplinary network of research the GSN provides a stimulating environment for students and faculty to produce novel formulations of current concepts and theories. Successful applicants will be affiliated with the Research Center for Neurophilosophy and Ethics of Neurosciences at the GSN.

Projects in the research center fall in the following areas:

  • philosophy of cognitive neuroscience (explanation, reduction)
  • philosophy and cognitive science of agency (mental causation, free will, moral psychology, abilities)
  • philosophy and cognitive science of reasoning (e.g. deductive and non-deductive reasoning, logic and neural networks, decision making)
  • ethics of neuroscience (research ethics, enhancement)

In the new application round we encourage applications in smaller focus areas in order to build research groups. In the 2014/15 round the focus areas are:

  • reasoning and decision making (esp. deductive and non-deductive reasoning in science and ordinary life, individual and collective decision making)
  • human agency (esp. mental causation, complex action, multi-tasking, attention, reductive and non-reductive explanation of agency)

However, single exceptional and independent projects in one of the other areas are also encouraged.
Applicants should have advanced training in philosophy (typically a Master’s degree in philosophy) and a genuine interest in the neurosciences. This includes the willingness to acquire substantial knowledge of empirical work relevant to their philosophical project. Cooperative projects with empirical scientists in the network of the MCN are strongly encouraged. The reasoning and decision-making projects are closely linked to research conducted at the MCMP and at least one supervisor will be a member of the MCMP.

The application period will open on December 1st and will close on February 1st. Please check the website of the Research Center for Neurophilosophy and Ethics of Neurosciences for details concerning the application procedure. The application includes an outline of your proposed research project, a CV, an official transcript of your academic work (list of attended courses; grades), diplomas and two separate academic reference letters. Please also name two potential supervisors from the core or affiliated faculty of the Research Center.