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Postdoctoral Position at the ASC/MCMP (LMU Munich)


The Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics (ASC) and the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) at LMU Munich seek applications for a

1-year postdoctoral position

starting on October 1, 2020.

The successful applicant is expected to collaborate with Prof. Stephan Hartmann and Dr. Daniele Oriti on the FQXi-funded project “The Epistemic Nature of Physical Laws: From Intelligent Agents to Quantum Gravity and Cosmology”.
We are especially interested in candidates with research interest in philosophy of science, epistemology or foundations of physics. A tentative list of research topics the successful candidate may focus on include: epistemic aspects of laws of nature, causation in physical laws, reduction and emergence in physics, foundations of quantum mechanics (in particular ontic vs epistemic interpretation of quantum states, quantum reference frames, information-theoretic formulations of quantum mechanics), causality in quantum gravity, background-independent statistical mechanics, emergence of spacetime in quantum gravity, cosmology from a quantum gravity perspective, philosophy of cosmology (in particular time's arrow, coarse-graining and entropy in cosmology, and apparent fine-tuning of physical constants).

It is possible to be employed half-time for two years while, e.g., having another non-fulltime position elsewhere; other forms of flexible appointments can be considered. The proposed starting date is 1 October 2020, but a later starting date is also possible. Please let us know in the letter.

Applications (including a cover letter that addresses, amongst others, one's academic background, research interests and the proposed starting date, a CV, a list of publications, a sample of written work of no more than 5000 words, and a description of a planned research project of about 2000 words) should be sent by email (in one PDF document)  to by 9 July, 2020. Additionally, two confidential letters of reference addressing the applicant's qualifications for academic research should be sent to the same email address from the referees directly. Candidates who have not finished their PhD at the time of the application deadline have to provide evidence (in the cover letter or in the reference) that they will have their PhD in hand at the time the fellowship starts.

We especially encourage female scholars to apply. LMU Munich endeavors to raise the percentage of women among its academic personnel. Among applicants chosen for interviews, given equal qualification, preference will be given to candidates with disabilities and minority scholars.
The position is remunerated with a full-time or part-time employment contract at the Arnold Sommerfeld Center under the German TV-L E13 salary scheme (conditions apply) or in the form of a fellowship (stipend). We also provide funds to cover costs to attend some workshops and conferences.

For further information, please contact Prof. Stephan Hartmann ( or Dr. Daniele Oriti (