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The Problem of Time in Perspective

3-4 July 2015


Idea and Motivation

Whilst there is broad agreement that the canonical quantization of general relativity leads to an acute problem relating to time, there is not uniform consensus regarding either the nature of this 'problem of time in quantum gravity’, or the requirements for a satisfactory solution. Questions remain, for example, with regard to interpretation of the timeless Wheeler-de Witt formalism, the canonical representation of the spacetime diffeomorphism group, the formal and empirical status of observables and the relevance of the problem of time to other approaches to gravity.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts on the problem of time for discussion of both formal and philosophical issues. Participants will include both physicists working at the forefront of quantum gravity research, and specialists in the historical and philosophical foundations of the subject.

The workshop will be held in Munich over the 3rd and 4th July and so will immediately proceed the Loops '15 conference  scheduled to be held in nearby Erlangen the following week.

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