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Progic 2017: The 8th Workshop on Combining Logic and Probability


Idea and Motivation

The Eighth Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic (Progic 2017) continues the progic workshop series. Progic 2017 takes place on March 29 to 31, 2017 at the LMU Munich.

Progic 2017 focuses on severe uncertainty. Topics include but are not restricted to

  • ambiguity aversion
  • argument strength
  • belief revision
  • causal modeling
  • conditional judgments
  • conditionalization
  • decision making under severe uncertainty
  • descriptive modeling of severe uncertainty
  • desirability (sets of desirable gambles)
  • group decision making & pooling
  • independence concepts
  • elicitation and scoring
  • formal epistemology & severe uncertainty
  • lexicographic probabilities
  • probability logic
  • machine learning and severe uncertainty
  • Markov series & severe uncertainty

Further Information