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Quantum Computation, Quantum Information, and the Exact Sciences

30.01.2015 - 31.01.2015


Quantum computation and quantum information theory (QCIT) are two burgeoning fields which are concerned with the ways in which the resources of quantum mechanics can be used to develop algorithms and protocols for handling information faster and more efficiently than is possible using conventional means. Since quantum computation and information theory combine and connect concepts from physics, mathematics, computer science, and information theory, they promise to illuminate the foundations of all of these sciences. The aim of this conference is to explore these connections; i.e., between the philosophy and foundations of quantum computation and information theory, and more traditional philosophical and foundational questions in these and other of the so-called “exact sciences.” Some of the particular topics we aim to consider include:

  • QCIT's relevance for our understanding of the structure and axiomatics of quantum theory.
  • QCIT's relevance for our understanding of physical conceptions of computation and/or information.
  • Alternative formalisms and mathematical frameworks for characterising QCIT.
  • Methodological differences and commonalities between QCIT and more traditional approaches to the exact sciences.
  • The metaphysical significance (or lack thereof) of the concepts and operational definitions of QCIT.

This list is not exhaustive.

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