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The project "The Scientific Approach to Epistemology" was funded by a Leverhulme Trust International Network Grant


leverhulme_trustThe research network "The Scientific Approach to Epistemology" with nodes in Bristol (Bristol University, Richard Pettigrew), Groningen (the Rijksuniversiteit, Jan-Williem Romeijn, Lund (Lund University, Erik Olsson) Munich (LMU/MCMP, Stephan Hartmann), Pittsburgh (CMU, Kevin Zollman) and Tilburg (Tilburg University, Jan Sprenger) received a Leverhulme Trust Grant.

The project aims to bring together researchers who employ a variety of different mathematical and scientific techniques in epistemology. The scientific approach to epistemology is a novel and exciting methodology. It supplements traditional methods by means of three innovative techniques: (i) formal mathematical modeling; (ii) empirical experimentation; (iii) computer simulations.