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Truth and Properties: Building Bridges


International Workshop
(1-2 September 2016)

Idea and Motivation

There is a striking similarity between truth and properties (or their extensions, classes) from a logical point of view. Not only because of the structural resemblance between the truth-theoretic and the logical paradoxes, but also in terms of the expressive power the truth predicate and quantification over predicate position provide. Moreover, there are several well-known results in proof theory that link formal theories of truth with second-order systems. This suggest a more comprehensive study of the formal connections between truth and properties, which is the focus of the workshop. The obtained results could lead to a unified treatment of the paradoxes and a deeper insight into both philosophical phenomena.


  • Dora Achourioti (University of Amsterdam)
  • Timo Beringer (MCMP)
  • Roy T. Cook (University of Minnesota)
  • Leon Horsten (University of Bristol)
  • Øystein Linnebo (University of Oslo)
  • Thomas Schindler (University of Cambridge/MCMP)
  • John Wigglesworth (LMU/MCMP)
  • Lavinia Picollo (CAS/MCMP)

Location and Registration

CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München

Registration required. If you are interested in participating please contact us:

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