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UAH-MCMP Workshop "Multiple Realizability, Causation and Reductive Explanations in Science" (6-7 March 2018)


The Workshop is organized by the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP), LMU Munich, and the Department of Philosophy, Alberto Hurtado University, Chile (UAH).

This workshop aims to promote an international forum to share knowledge, issues, and challenges related to multiple realizability, causation and reductive explanations in science. Some of the questions that we will address are: Is multiple realizability compatible with reduction? Should multiple realizability be understood as synonym of universality? Do we have reasons to believe in top-down causation in science? Is supervenience a causal relation? Does thermodynamics reduces to statistical mechanics? Are there examples of emergence in science? Does Quantum Statistical Mechanics provide reductive explanations? Are Causal explanations in the high-level Sciences Complete?

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