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Dr. Arthur Paul Pedersen

External Member (Max Planck Institute for Human Development)

Further Information

I am both a mathematical philosopher and a philosophical mathematician conducting research in epistemology (including formal epistemology), normative and behavioral decision theory and game theory, probability theory, cognitive heuristics, philosophical and mathematical logic, and philosophy of science. I also have strong interests in analytic philosophy, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of logic, and philosophy of language. Broadly speaking, my research investigates foundational, methodological, and epistemological issues which arise with respect to normative and descriptive models of decision making, inference, and belief. I attend to such issues from both philosophical and formal perspectives.

Currently I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Adaptive Rationality of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. The Center for Adaptive Rationality is an interdisciplinary and international research group of economists, mathematicians, neuroscientists, psychologists, philosophers, and biologists. I earned my Ph.D. in Logic, Computation, and Methodology from Carnegie Mellon University under the direction of Teddy Seidenfeld and Kevin Zollman.