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Reading Groups

Aristoteles' metaphysische Naturphilosophie / Aristotle's Metaphysical Natural Philosophy

Although the reading group is held in German, English-speaking participants are welcome to join (the texts are also available in English).

The reading group takes place online on Tuesday, 14:15 - 15:45.

For further information, please contact Dr. Daniel A. Di Liscia

Philosophy of Physics

This term, the philosophy of physics group will be reading Laura Ruetsche's book Interpreting Quantum Theories. The group will meet Tuesdays 13:00-14:30 in Ludwigstr. 31, room E028.

For further information, please contact John Dougherty (

Reading Group on the Philosophy and Methodology of Economics (Rethinking Economics Munich)

Starting on 22nd April 2020, the reading group meets every Wednesday from 6:15pm to 7:45pm in the cyberspace (for the foreseable future). We are a group of economists and philosophers of science discussing topics of general interest from the philosophy and methodology of economics. This semester we focus on causal inference in econometrics with a focus on the literature on directed acyclical graphs (Judea Pearl, 2019: The Book of Why and relevant papers). For more information, the tentative schedule and the literature, please see the syllabus: Syllabus, 184 Kb.

Please contact Patrick Klösel ( for more information about how to enter our causal inference zone of the cyberspace ( You can also visit our Facebook page.

Inference and reasoning

We are starting a reading group on inference and reasoning in the second half of February. It will take place from Thursday, February 20th onwards from 2 - 4 PM at Ludwigstraße 31, room 028.

The topics we will discuss are at the intersection of philosophy and psychology of reasoning. More specifically, we will discuss recent papers about inference in general, logic and reasoning, Bayesian reasoning, induction, analogy, and abduction.

For more information please contact Borut Trpin ( or Matías Osta Vélez (

Wahrheit und Paradoxien

"Wenn dieser Satz wahr ist, wirst Du dich für diesen Kurs anmelden" Warum dieser harmlos aussehende Satz dank seines paradoxen Charakters uns unglaublich viele Teilnehmer verschafft, wie Wahrheitstheorien mit "Lügnern" umgehen und was das alles mit Gödels Unvollständigkeitssätzen zu tun hat, werden wir zusammen in einem einwöchigen Blockkurs erarbeiten. Wir werden klassische Texte von Tarski und Kripke zu Wahrheitstheorien lesen und diskutieren, moderne deflationistische Ansätze untersuchen und einen Ausflug in die Erkenntnistheorie machen. Das alles möchten wir möglichst zugänglich halten und formale Methoden nur dort einsetzen, wo sie wirklich notwendig sind.

Der Kurs findet vom 10.-15. Februar, jeweils von 10-12 und von 14-16 Uhr in der Ludwigstr. 31, Raum 021, statt.

Ansprechpartner: Hosea von Hauff (

Philosophy of Psychiatry

A reading group centred around relevant topics from contemporary psychiatry is taking place each Tuesday at 2 o'clock. The group explores topics from the fields of computational modelling, phenomenology, explanation, natural kinds and so forth. No prerequisites are required. People dealing with topics from the fields of philosophy of mind and philosophy of science are encouraged to join. For any additional information feel free to contact Maksim Nikiforovski (

Online Seminar on Mathematical Topics in the Scientific Study of Consciousness

Johannes Kleiner and a few friends of his are organizing this online seminar. It will start May 7th with a talk by the MCMP's very own Joe Dewhurst on "Attending to the Illusion of Consciousness". Further confirmed speakers are: Anil Seth (Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex), Karl Friston (Institute of Neurology, University College London), Liad Mudrik (School of Psychological Sciences, Tel Aviv University), David Balduzzi (Google DeepMind), Selen Atasoy (Hedonia Transnational Research Group, University of Oxford), Jennifer Windt (Philosophy Department, Monash University), Rafi Malach (Weizmann Institute of Science), Chen Song (Brain Research Imaging Centre, Cardiff University), Jenann Ismael (Department of Philosophy, Columbia University in New York), William Seager (Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto Scarborough), Ryota Kanai (Araya), Alex Gomez-Marin (Instituto de Neurociencias, Universidad Miguel Hernández), Andrew Haun (Center for Sleep and Consciousness, University of Wisconsin-Madison), Erik Hoel (Allen Discovery Center, Tufts University), Jeffrey Yoshimi (Cognitive Science and Philosophy, University of California Merced), Catherine Tallon-Baudry (Département d'études cognitives, École normale supérieure), Nao Tsuchiya (School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University), Kryzsztof Dolega (Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Research, Ruhr-Universität Bochum), and Mike Johnson (Qualia Research Institute).

If you feel like joining the seminar, simply go to and click on "Join" on the upper right. General information about the seminar is available in the "Details" section.