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Reading Groups

Aristoteles' metaphysiche Naturphilosophie / Aristotle's Metaphysical Natural Philosophy

Although the reading group is held in german, english-speaking participants are welcome to join (the texts are also available in english).

The reading group takes place on Thursday, starting 16:15 (on 08 November), in Leopoldstr. 44 / Room 401 (4th floor).

For further information, please contact Dr. Daniel A. Di Liscia.

Computation and Cybernetics

The reading group meets on Fridays at 16:00, in Ludwigstraße 31, room 028. For more information, please contact Joe Dewhurst (

Feminism+ Analytical Philosophy

The reading group meets every Friday from 4:15pm to 5:15pm at Ludwigstraße 31, room 021. We will read a collection of articles and essays on various topics in intersectional feminist philosophy. Please email for more information.

Homotopy Type Theory

Starting on 26th April 2019, the reading group meets every Friday from 12:15pm to 1:45pm at Ludwigstraße 31, room 021. We will first get to know some type theory and category theory and later discuss implications of HoTT for the philosophy of mathematics. Please contact Maximilian Doré ( for more information.

Philosophy of Physics

This semester, the philosophy of physics reading group will take place on Thursdays, 16:00-17:30, in Schellingstraße 9, R101. We will be reading Klaas Landsman’s book Foundations of Quantum Theory (Springer, 2017): the book is available for free at 

Our first meeting will take place on Thursday October 18. We will discuss Chapter 1 (“Classical Physics on a Finite Phase Space”).

If you would like to attend the reading group, please contact Neil Dewar (

Reading Group on "Inference and Belief Dynamics"

This reading group focuses on Nonmonotonic Inference, Belief Dynamics, and Theory Change.  In the Winter Semester 2018/2019, we will read several articles on Belief Revision and related topics. The reading group meets on Wednesdays at 10:00 in Room 028, in Ludwigstraße 31. If you would like to attend, please contact Ana Cholodvskis ( or Sena Bozdag (

Reading Group on the Philosophy and Methodology of Economics (Rethinking Economics Munich)

Starting on 16th May 2019, the reading group meets every Thursday from 6:15pm to 7:45pm at Ludwigstraße 33, room 144 (first floor). We discuss topics of general interest from the philosophy and methodology of economics. This semester we focus on the relationship between economics and climate change, with a focus on the methodological questions which arise in this field.

Please contact Patrick Klösel ( for more information. You can also visit our Facebook page.

Quarc Reading Group

In 2014, Hanoch Ben-Yami published in the Review of Symbolic Logic a paper on ‘The Quantified Argument Calculus’, which is an alternative to classical logic, and this new line of research has since been flourishing.

We very much like to invite you to our Quarc Reading Group. The meeting place is the statistics library, time: Friday 14-16.

As part of the Quantified Argument Calculus (Quarc) Reading Group meetings, we are pleased to announce that we will be visited next Friday, May 17, by Ran Lanzet, who will present his paper, “A Three-valued Quantified Argument Calculus: Domain-free Model-theory, Completeness, and Embedding of FOL”, and additional related work. The meeting takes place in the Statistics Library, 14:00–16:00. For those interested, Ran’s paper can be found in the reading group’s folder. Everybody’s welcome!

If you want to have access to the folder on LMU Teams, please write an email containing your LMU email address to Ursula Danninger at

The schedule below is still tentative.

  • 3 May: Introduction to the Quantified Argument Calculus (10 am)
  • 17 May: The 3-valued system, defining clauses, Quarc and the Predicate Calculus
  • 31 May: Modal Quarc, the Barcan Formulas, Necessary Existence
  • 14 June: Quarc and Natural Logic; The ‘There is’ Construction
  • 28 June: The Quarc Sequent Calculus
  • 12 July: Work in Progress