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Workshop: Compatibilist Libertarianism: Advantages and Challenges (October 29, 2021)


Idea & Motivation

Compatibilist libertarianism is a new promising approach in the free will debate. The account was developed by List (2014, 2019) who proposed it as a position in the tradition of authors such as Dennett (2003), Kenny (1978), and Taylor and Dennett (2002). One of its many merits is its compatibility with the scientific worldview. Its commitment to non-reductive physicalism allows it to provide a metaphysical foundation for reconciling actualist free will with physical determinism by driving an ontological wedge between different layers of reality. Because higher levels are identified as the natural habitat for free will, the agent can have autonomy at higher levels even if the fundamental physical level is deterministic. This workshop is intended to explore the advantages of compatibilist libertarianism and the progress it brings to the free will debate. Possible objections and open problems will also be considered, as well as new ways to further develop the position in order to overcome these issues.

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