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Model Theory: Philosophy, Mathematics and Language (9-12 January 2017)


Idea and Motivation

Model theory is a branch of mathematical logic that studies languages and their interpretations. As such, research in model theory overlaps many areas in philosophy, linguistics, and mathematics. The introduction of model theory in the beginning of the previous century was intertwined with the development of set-theoretic foundations for mathematics; the implications and applications for philosophy and linguistics soon followed. The aim of this conference is to bring together philosophers, linguists and mathematicians for whom model theory is a basic tool-kit. We wish to facilitate knowledge transfer between these disciplines and create a fruitful discussion on the applicability and the foundational role of model theory. To do this, the conference will explore the following research questions: Are model-theoretic tools sufficient for an adequate demarcation of logical from non-logical constants? How does the model-theoretic definition of truth advance our understanding of the semantic paradoxes? How is meaning in natural language represented in models? How can models account for specific linguistic phenomena (e.g., natural language quantifiers)? What are the philosophical and linguistic consequences of a theory's complexity as measured by model-theoretic classification theory?

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