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Dawid, Richard

Dr. Richard Dawid

External Member (Stockholm University)

Further Information

Richard Dawid completed a PhD in theoretical Physics at the University of Vienna. After a post-doc in physics at the Lawrence Berkeley Institute he switched to philosophy of science and worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Vienna. In 2013, he did his habilitation in the philosophy of science at the University of Vienna. He has been a visiting scholar at the Center for Philosophy of Science at Pittsburgh and the TiLPS at Tilburg and a visiting professor at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Since December 2013 he works as a visiting fellow and researcher at the MCMP in Munich.

Research Interests

Richard Dawid’s work focuses on the philosophical implications of modern theories in high energy physics and cosmology. He is interested in understanding the strategies of non-empirical theory confirmation that become increasingly important in those fields and formalizing them in a Bayesian framework. He also looks at the relevance of developments in modern physics for wider debates in the philosophy of science, in particular the scientific realism debate and the debate on novel confirmation. Recently, he has worked on the Everettian interpretation of quantum mechanics.