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Dr. Malte Doehne

External Member (University of Z├╝rich)

Further Information

Malte has studied economics, management and sociology at the University of Witten/Herdecke and has defended his dissertation in economic sociology at ZU Friedrichshafen. In his thesis, Malte has developed and operationalized a relational definition of product quality that incorporates the outcomes of non-pecuniary valuation processes on markets into a formal model of market formation and reproduction. This work is the result of a longstanding engagement with the socioeconomic models of production of mathematical sociologist Harrison White. Malte has been a visiting scholar at the sociology department of Columbia University and at the Network Analysis Center of Duke University, and has visited Stanford University. He has designed and taught university courses on microeconomics, the sociology of markets and on sociological network theory.

Research interests

The unifying theme of Malte's research is to develop and apply innovative formal methods to the study of social phenomena. His primary research interests include markets and market-related phenomena, status differentiation in groups, the effects of social, ideational and technological innovations on society, organization studies and sociological theory. Malte's areas of expertise include quantitative-empirical methods, network analysis, simulation modeling, and sociological theory.

At the MCMP, Malte is working on a research project which combines agent-based modeling with empirical analyses of friendship networks to study bullying behavior in schools as manifestations of collectively undesired social norms. In addition, he is collaborating on a number of research projects with philosophers, sociologists, management scholars and social psychologists.