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Herzberg, Frederik

Prof. Dr. Dr. Frederik Herzberg

External Member (Bielefeld)

Further Information

Frederik Herzberg studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of Bonn and Merton College, Oxford. In addition to his doctorate in mathematics (on nonstandard probability theory, Bonn Univ. 2005), he also completed a doctorate in mathematical finance (Oxford Univ. 2006). He did post-doctoral research at the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the University of Bonn, and after a short intermezzo as a risk management consultant, he became an Assistant Professor at the Center for Mathematical Economics of Bielefeld University in 2007. Since then, he has held visiting positions at the Mathematics Departments of the University of California, Berkeley (2008) and Princeton University (2009/10) and earned a Habilitation in Economic Theory (Bielefeld Univ. 2011). Enthusiastic about formal philosophy since his undergraduate days, Frederik Herzberg joined the MCMP as a one-year Visiting Fellow in April 2012.

Research Interests

Frederik Herzberg works at the intersection of (social) epistemology, decision theory and probability theory. In addition, he is interested in economic theory as well as in mathematics education at university level.