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Jacinto, Bruno

Dr. Bruno Jacinto

External Member (Lisbon)

Further Information

I recently held an Assistant Lectureship in the Philosophy Department of the University of St Andrews. I did my PhD in Philosophy at the Arché Research Centre, University of St Andrews. Before going to St Andrews I did an MSc in Logic at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam. I am currently also an associate member of the LanCog research group of the Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon.

Research Interests

My research is mainly in metaphysics, logic and the philosophy of language. My dissertation was on the metaphysics of modality, specifically, on the interaction between metaphysical modality and higher-order quantification. I have also worked on the semantics of 'knowing wh-' constructions, proof theoretic stability and hylomorphic mereology. My current research projects are on the metaphysics of modality, normativity of logic and theoretical equivalence