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Stern, Johannes

Dr. Johannes Stern

External Member (Bristol)

Further Information

Johannes completed a Master's degree in Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Munich but then moved to the (southern!) shore of Lake Geneva to take up his doctoral studies in philosophy. In 2011 Johannes moved to Oxford where he spent time as a recognised student under the supervision of Volker Halbach. He then returned to Munich to work within the DFG funded research project „Syntactical Treatments of Interacting Modalities“.

In 2012 Johannes obtained his PhD degree at the University of Geneva under the supervision of Fabrice Correia (Neuchâtel) and Karl-Georg Niebergall (Berlin). In his thesis Johannes discusses predicate approaches to modality.

A full list of publications is avalaible on Johannes' profile.

Research Interests

Johannes mostly works in philosophical logic (formal theories of truth and modality, paradox, modal logic) and philosophy of language (theories of reference, modality, propositional attitudes, formal semantics). Yet, he is also interested in philosophy of logic and mathematics, mathematical logic, epistemology, metaphysics and general philosophy of science.

Selected Publications

Recent Publications

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