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Lisciandra, Chiara

Dr. Chiara Lisciandra

Humboldt Research Fellow

Further Information

Chiara Lisciandra holds a Humboldt Experienced Researcher Fellowship at the University of Munich, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy. She is an elected Board Member of the International Network for Economic Method and Associate Editor for the Journal of Economic Methodology. Since 2016, she is an Associate Member of the Centre for the Philosophy of the Social Science, University of Helsinki.

Research Interests

Chiara Lisciandra's research interests are in philosophy of science, economic methodology, and social philosophy. She works on the emergence and development of norms in society, both theoretically and empirically. Next to this, her research deals with models, explanations, and norms in science. In particular, she is interested in domain-specific explanatory norms and how they affect the transfer of models across domains.

For an overview of Chiara’s research, here is an interview with the 3:AM Magazine:

List of Publications

  1. (Norms)2: Norms About Norms (2021). Erkenntnis
  2. Lisciandra, C., Korbmacher, J. (2021): Multiple Models, One Explanation. Journal of Economic Methodology 1-21
  3. Nagatsu, M., Lisciandra, C. (2021): Why is behavioral game theory economists' game? The concept of beliefs in equilibrium. In A Genealogy of Self-interest in Economics. Springer
  4. De Wit J., Lisciandra, C. (2020): Measuring Norms via Social Survey Data. Economics and Philosophy 1-34
  5. Lisciandra, C. (2020): Reflections on the 2019 Nobel Memorial Prize Awarded to Banerjee, Duflo, and Kremer. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 13(1): 79-92
  6. Herfeld, C, Lisciandra, C. (2019) Knowledge Transfer and Its Context (2019). Studies in History and Philosophy of Science: Part A 77: 1-10
  7. Lisciandra, C. (2018) The Role of Psychology in Behavioral Economics: The Case of Social Preferences. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science: part A 72: 11-21
  8. Basso, A. Lisciandra, C., Marchionni, C. (2017) Hypothetical Models in Social Science. In Springer Handbook of Model-Based Science 413-433 Springer, Cham.
  9. Lisciandra, C. (2016) Robustness Analysis and Tractability in Modelling. European Journal for the Philosophy of Science 7(1): 79-95
  10. Robustness Analysis versus Reliable Process Reasoning. Review of Robert Hudson's Seeing Things. The Philosophy of Reliable Observations (2015). Metascience 24(1): 37-41
  11. Muldoon, R., Lisciandra, C., Hartmann, S. (2014) Why Are Descriptive Norms There? Synthese 191: 4409-4429
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  14. Lisciandra, C., Nielsenova, M., Colombo, M. (2013) Conformorality. A Study on Group Conditioning of Normative Judgment. The Review of Philosophy and Psychology 4: 751-764