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Hjortland, Ole

Dr. Ole Hjortland

External Member (Bergen)

Further Information

Ole Thomassen Hjortland is an Associate Professor at the University of Bergen. He completed his MLitt and PhD at the University of St Andrews. He was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Arché Research Center, working in the AHRC-funded project 'Foundations of Logical Consequence'. In January 2011 he joined the MCMP (LMU Munich) as Research Fellow, before taking up position as Assistant Professor from October 2012 to August 2014.

Research Interests

Hjortland's research is in the philosophy of logic, formal logic, philosophy of language, and formal epistemology. He has worked on inferentialism, proof theoretic semantics, formal theories of truth, logical pluralism, and relations between subjective probability and logic. He is especially interested in applications of non-classical logical theories to philosophical topics.