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Osimani, Barbara

Dr. Barbara Osimani

External Member (Università Politecnica delle Marche)


Università Politecnica delle Marche
Piazza Roma, 22
60121 Ancona

Room: 125


Further Information

Barbara Osimani obtained a PhD degree at the University of Lugano (2007) with a thesis on the interplay between regulatory and epistemological constraints in drug approval and informed consent. From 2008 to 2012 she has been working as Senior Researcher at the Centre for Bioethics of the Catholic University of Milan. Before joining the MCMP she worked as Research Fellow at the University of Camerino, Department of Pharmacology (2012-2015). Barbara has worked on several health-related network projects such as “Antibiotic Resistance” Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2001-2006) and “GenEthics”, which was funded by the Italian Ministry of Research (2008-2012).

Research Interests

Barbara Osimani has been working on foundational issues concerning the nature of medical evidence and methods for causal assessment with a special focus on pharmacology. She also has an interest in Bayesian epistemology and decision theory and has developed a model of health risk information seeking behavior, as well as a formalization of the precautionary principle through the lenses of Jon Williamson’s version of Objective Bayesianism. Her current research is focused on the foundations of pharmacology and evidence amalgamation.


Barbara Osimani has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant (2014) for the project: “Philosophy of Pharmacology: Safety, Statistical Standards, and Evidence Amalgamation”. For further information please visit the project website.