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Dr. Arthur Paul Pedersen

External Member

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My primary interests are in normative and behavioral decision theory, probability theory, logic, epistemology (formal, social, and computational), and philosophy of science. I also have strong interests in game theory, measurement theory, functional analysis, algebraic systems, programming (C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, etc.), analytic philosophy, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mathematics.

At the broadest level, I develop and apply methods and insights from across disciplines –– including mathematics, economics, statistics, psychology, computer science, and philosophy –– to tackle formal, empirical, and theoretical problems in novel and illuminating ways. My research has focused on problems in individual and collective judgment, inference, and decision making under conditions of uncertainty, particularly in situations of incomplete or conflicting information or limited cognitive capabilities.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, I studied percussion at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and played in rock bands since I was in grade school. I love to jam and rock out. I also enjoy viewing and engaging in the visual arts, especially film and photography. In my view, creativity is essential to good problem solving and critical thinking.