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Awodey, Steve

Prof. Dr. Steve Awodey

External Member (Carnegie Mellon)

Further Information

In real life, Steve Awodey is a professor in the Philosophy Department of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. As an external member of the MCMP he spends 1 - 3 glorious months in Munich during the Summer Semester. Awodey did his first degrees in Philosophy and Mathematics at the University of Marburg, Germany, and his graduate degrees at the University of Chicago.

Research Interests

Steve Awodey's main research area is Category Theory, especially its applications to Logic. He is one of the inventors of Homotopy Type Theory, which forms the basis of the Univalent Foundations Program, an active area of research in Logic and Foundations of Mathematics. Awodey also works on Modal Logic and dabbles in Philosophy of Mathematics. He has a secret life as a Carnap scholar, and is one of the editors of the Collected Works of Rudolf Carnap, the German home of which is the MCMP.