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  • Leitgeb, Hannes (2018)
    Neural Network Models of Conditional
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    A Bridge Principle for Ranking Functions and Subjetive Probability
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    Probability in Logic
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    Belief as Qualitative Probability
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    Belief as a Simplification of Probability, and What This Entails
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    The Stability Theory of Belief. A Summary
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    Metacognition and Indicative Conditionals: A Precis
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    Mengers Logik für Ethik und Moral. Nichts von Sollen, nichts von Güte, nichts von Sinnlosigkeit
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  • Gratzl, Norbert (2009)
    Definite Descriptions: Language, Logic, and Elimination
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    On Formal and Informal Provability
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    How Abstraction Works
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    Towards a Logic of Type-Free Modality and Truth
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  • Leitgeb, Hannes (2007)
    On the Metatheory of Field's 'Solving the Paradoxes, Escaping Revenge'
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  • Leitgeb, Hannes (2007)
    Neural Network Models of Conditionals: An Introduction
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    Struktur und Symbol
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    Argument und Beweis
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    How Similarities Compose
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    Possible Worlds Semantics for Predicates
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  • Leitgeb, Hannes; Morscher, Edgar (2004)
    Der formale Kalkül SK samt Semantik
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  • Leitgeb, Hannes (2003)
    A Proxy-Function Argument for the Indeterminacy of Meaning
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    Metaphysical Modalities in Scientific Language: A Roadmap of (Im-)Possibilities
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    Poppers Wahrheitstheorie(n)
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    Metaworlds: A Possible Worlds Semantics of Truth
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    Nonmonotonic Reasoning as a Section of a Theory of Rationality
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