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PD Dr. Arthur Merin

Faculty (MCMP/LMU Munich) † 2019

This is to commemorate our friend and colleague, PD Dr. Arthur Merin, who suddenly passed away in 2019. Holding a PhD from Cambridge University, he taught philosophy (and also linguistics and psychology) at the LMU, and also at Konstanz University and Stuttgart University. At Stuttgart he obtained a habilitation in philosophy and linguistics. He was an associate member of the MCMP right from its start in 2010. In his research and teaching, he adressed a very broad range of topics, spanning from decision theory over philosophy of language, linguistics up to esthetics and history of philosophy. Most original, but by now largely unpublished, is his work on decision-theoretic semantics and pragmatics. He was an extremely well-educated and cultivated colleague, with deep interests and knowledge also outside academia, which made discussions with him always enlightening and fruitful. His sharp mind, and also his wit and humour will be missed by all who came to know him.

- Martin Rechenauer