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Decision Theory & Philosophy of Social Science

Funded Research Projects

CoordinatorTitleFunding byDuration granted (months)Amount
Colyvan, Mark Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Award AvH - 65.000
Frigg, Roman Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award AvH 12 45.000
Hahn, Ulrike Anneliese Maier Research Award AvH 60 250.000
Hartmann, Stephan Conference Funding: ECAP 9: European Congress of Analytic Philosophy DFG - 41.480
Hartmann, Stephan Trilaterale Forschungskonferenzen in der Villa Vigoni: Rationalité
Humaine: Les Point de Vue Probabilistes
DFG 12 24.000
Hartmann, Stephan Inferentialism, Bayesianism and Scientific Explanation DFG 36 300.450
Hartmann, Stephan The Evolution of Unpopular Norms and Bullying DFG 30 151.400
Hartmann, Stephan Alexander von Humboldt Professorship AvH 72 3.500.000
Herfeld, Catherine Conference Funding: Studying Knowledge Transfer and ist Contexts DFG - 5.400
Herfeld, Catherine Junior Researcher in Residence Fellowship CAS 12 *
Landes, Jürgen Evidence and Objective Bayesian Epistemology DFG 36 294.900
Leitgeb, Hannes Alexander von Humboldt Professorship AvH 72 3.500.000
Lyon, Aidan Research Stipend for Experienced Researchers AvH - *
Šešelja, Dunja Simulations of Scientific Inquiry DFG 24 78.255

* = Information not public.
Green marked research projects are ongoing, all other research projects have been completed.