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Funded Research Projects

CoordinatorTitleFunding byDuration granted (months)Amount
Anglberger, Albert New Systems of Deontic Logic and Their Philosophical Presuppositions LMU Research Fellowship 36 *
Ciardelli, Ivano New Territories for Modal Logic DFG Emmy Noether Program 36 + 36 842.400 + 373.600
Crupi, Vincenzo Models of Information Search: A Theoretical and Empirical Synthesis DFG 72 56.162
Di Liscia, Daniel Conference Funding: Quantifying Aristotle: The Impact, Spread and Decline of the Calculatores Tradition Thyssen-Stiftung - 10.000
Di Liscia, Daniel From a logic-mathematical standpoint: Richard Swineshead and the calculators tradition (Project Description, 3,6 Mb) LMUexcellent 24 *
Fischer, Martin Logics: from tolerance to pluralism DFG 36 278.550
Fischer, Martin Modal Predicates DAAD 6 *
Gratzl, Norbert PPP Tschechien DAAD 24 7.640
Gratzl, Norbert Free logics: variants, unification, and some applications DFG 36 319.050
Hartmann, Stephan Conference Funding: ECAP 9: European Congress of Analytic Philosophy DFG - 41.480
Hjortland, Ole The Logics of Truth DFG 36 27.680
Kapsner, Andreas Junior Researcher Fund LMU 12 50.000
Kapsner, Andreas New Logics for the Verificationistic Enterprise DFG - *
Kapsner, Andreas The Philosophical Basis of Connexive Logic DFG 36 286.750
Landes, Jürgen Foundations, Applications & Theory of Inductive Logic DFG 24 58.743
Leitgeb, Hannes Diaphora: Philosophical Problems, Resilience and Persistent Disagreement EU 36 498.432,96
Leitgeb, Hannes Formalism, Formalization, Intuition and Understanding in Mathematics: From Informal Practice to Formal Systems and Back Again DFG 36 305.420
Leitgeb, Hannes Alexander von Humboldt Professorship AvH 72 3.500.000
Leitgeb, Hannes Mathematics: Objectivity by Representation DFG 36 262.000
Leitgeb, Hannes Syntactical Treatments of Interacting Modalities DFG 18 238.400
Leitgeb, Hannes Truth, Paradoxes and Modalities MINCYT-DAAD 24 7.005
Mancosu, Paolo Counting Infinite Sets, God's Lottery, and Probability LMU-UCB Visiting Professorship 6 *
Marfori, Marianna Antonutti BayFrance Seminar BayFrance 12 4.600
Marfori, Marianna Antonutti Scope and Limits of Mathematical Knowledge EU 24 159.460,80
Nicolai, Carlo Foremotions: Formal Frameworks for Modal Notions Conceived as Predicates EU 24 159.460,80
Pfeifer,Niki Coherence-based probability logic: Rationality under uncertainty DFG 36 265.685
Pfeifer,Niki Mental Probablity Logic Austrian Science Fund (FWF) 60 *
Pfeifer, Niki Rational Reasoning with Conditionals and Probabilities: Logical Foundations and Empirical Evaluation DFG 36 167.350
Picollo, Lavinia Modelltheorie: Philosophie, Mathematik und Sprache DFG - 23.800
Picollo, Lavinia Reference patterns of paradox DFG 36 177.400
Rinner, Stefan Goldbach-Puzzle Thyssen-Stiftung 36 72.500
Sanders, Sam Junior Research Fund LMU 12 50.000
Sbardolini, Giorgio Evolution of Logic MSCA Fellowship 24 173.847
Speranski, Stanislav Non-Deductive Logics: Expressibility vs. Computability AvH 12 *
Wigglesworth, John Conference Funding: SotFoM 4: Reverse Mathematics DFG - 18.300

* = Information not public.
Green marked research projects are ongoing, all other research projects have been completed.