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Philosophy of Mathematics

Funded Research Projects

CoordinatorTitleFunding byDuration granted (months)Amount
Colyvan, Mark Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Award AvH - 65.000
Dewhurst, Joseph Edmund Conference Funding: Alternative Approaches to Scientific Realism DFG - 12.800
Di Liscia, Daniel From a logic-mathematical standpoint: Richard Swineshead and the calculators tradition (Project Description, 3,6 Mb) LMUexcellent 24 *
Di Liscia, Daniel Geometrisierung der Metaphysik im Spätmittelalter: Jacobus de Neapoli und die Tradition De perfectione specierum DFG 36 234.348
Fischer, Martin Logics: from tolerance to pluralism DFG 36 278.550
Hartmann, Stephan Conference Funding: ECAP 9: European Congress of Analytic Philosophy DFG - 41.480
Hjortland, Ole The Logics of Truth DFG 36 27.680
Jonas, Silvia MathematicsAnalogies ERC 24 174.806,40
Kapsner, Andreas Junior Researcher Fund LMU 12 50.000
Leitgeb, Hannes Diaphora: Philosophical Problems, Resilience and Persistent Disagreement EU 36 498.432,96
Leitgeb, Hannes Alexander von Humboldt Professorship AvH 72 3.500.000
Leitgeb, Hannes Mathematics: Objectivity by Representation DFG 36 262.000
Leitgeb, Hannes Syntactical Treatments of Interacting Modalities DFG 18 238.400
Leitgeb, Hannes PPP Argentinien DAAD 24 14.010
Leitgeb, Hannes Truth, Paradoxes and Modalities MINCYT-DAAD 24 7.005
Leitgeb, Hannes Formalism, Formalization, Intuition and Understanding in Mathematics: From Informal Practice to Formal Systems and Back Again DFG 36 305.420
Mancosu, Paolo Counting Infinite Sets, God's Lottery, and Probability LMU-UCB Visiting Professorship 6 *
Marfori, Marianna Antonutti BayFrance Seminar BayFrance 12 4.600
Marfori, Marianna Antonutti Scope and Limits of Mathematical Knowledge EU 24 159.460,80
Picollo, Lavinia Reference patterns of paradox DFG 36 177.400
Sanders, Sam Junior Research Fund LMU 12 50.000
Schiemer, Georg Conference Funding: Foundations of Mathematical Structuralism DFG - 15.840
Schiemer, Georg Between Logicism and Metalogic Austrian Research Fund (FWF) 60 *
Tarziu, Gabriel Climate Models and Climate Scientific Understanding EU 24 189.687
Wigglesworth, John Conference Funding: SotFoM 4: Reverse Mathematics DFG - 18.300

* = Information not public.
Green marked research projects are ongoing, all other research projects have been completed.